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Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2001 09:28:53 -0400

Hello, Ciemon!

I use a camera tripod for mountaintopping on 10G and 24G, and have the two
dishes and all of the electronics mounted on the tripod.  I looked carefully
at available tripods and sought advice on the microwave reflectors before
making the purchase a year ago.

What I got was a Bogen-Manfrotto 3058 Super Tripod Base.  It had a height
range of 16.5 to 106.375 inches.  It weighs 18 lbs and is rated to support
44.1 lbs at the maximum height (8' 8'').  For my application with the two
dishes, I also purchased their 3290 Aluminum Platform and mounted everything
on that drilling it to accept 4 3/8 inch bolts to hold my very heavyduty
dish mount.  In Europe I think the 3058 is called the 161 Mk2.  The 3290 is
called the 183.

The tripod is rather heavy duty, and although I had planned to suspend a
heavy counterweight from the center for ballast, I never did so as it seemed
quite sturdy without the ballast.  But I would not use it at anything near
the maximum height of more than 8 feet with large dishes or array without

http://www.manfrotto.com/products/index.html?doc_from=home is Manfrotto
product list page.  If you click on tripods you will get to a page where you
can find the 3058.  If you click on general accessories you will get to a
page where you can find the 3290.  These pages have pictures, dimensions,
specs, etc.

I hope that helps!

If you want a picture of the tripod with all gear mounted on it, email me
back and I'll take one and send it (gif).


Roger Rehr
W3SZ ex AA3QK, WA3JYM  FN20ah
2 Merrymount Road
Reading, PA  19609-1718

> >From: "Ciemon G0TRT" <g0trtlists@btinternet.com>
> >Hi all,
> >
> >I'm looking to mount my Arrow on a tripod or something
> similar so that I
> >have more hands free, has anyone done any work with this
> sort of set-up?
> >It'll save me re-inventing the wheel!
> >
> >73.....Ciemon Dunville GØTRT
> >ICQ - 6263612
> >homepage - www.aprsuk.net

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