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Re: Using C band polar mounts w/ ao-40

Due to a brain malfunction, I sent this direct instead of to the BB, 
however, as I think this
may be a viable way for users to employ domestic TV dishes for AO40 as well 
, I'll put it on the BB

>During a good portion of the orbit, AO40 will be inclined about 5 degrees 
>to the standard geostationary arc.
   So if you've got a dish on a polar mount, you may be able to use it on 
AO40 without upsetting TV reception.
  ( unless the other half wants to watch a channel during a good pass!! )

If you mount a feed 5 degs offset from the focal point, you should generate 
a beam offset by that amount in the opposite
direction. So by mounting your S band feed 5 deg below the TV feed  then 
your pointing angle will be 5 deg ABOVE where the
dish is really pointing,  a 5 deg squint in feed point will only have 
minimal loss in overall dish gain, so it should be right for
both TV and AO40 ?? ... Don't forget that if using circular, the dish will 
reverse the sense of rotation.

Just an idea, won't upset the use for TV either!

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