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Re: AO-40 219 Pass?

At 07:36 PM 4/21/2001 -0400, Bill Richarz wrote:
>In IT is PH the same thing as MA?

In InstantTrack, "Phase" or "Phs" is MA in 256ths of an orbit, which is 
what is commonly used for describing satellite schedules.

Technically, "MA" is an angle, so it should be measured in degrees (360ths 
of an orbit) or radians. Using a 256-point scale and calling it MA is 
confusing if not incorrect, despite being traditional in amateur radio. 
InstantTrack uses the term "phase" in hopes of clarifying the situation.

This is discussed in the InstantTrack manual, and also in the Keplerian 
Elements Tutorial (extracted from the InstantTrack 1.00 manual) at 

73  -Paul

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