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Need advice on handheld/portable setup

I need some help.... I've been quite successfull so far receiving signals
from FM sats, but no luck transmitting...  Here's my setup:

- Kenwood THD7A VHF/UHF Tranciever
- Velbon camera tripod
- Arrow 144/440-10 Antenna
- Brunton Azimuth/Elevation compas

Laptop running:
- Instatrack
- Tardis NTP Sync software with Garmin OEM GPS
- Vox actuated recorder (for recording my QSOs)

Like I said, I have no problems receiving but none of my signals seem to
get through.  I'm receiving ISS, AO27, UO14 with NO problem, I just can't
TX to them.. anyone have any better ideas on how I can point the antenna
in the right direction?  I've noticed for instance on AO27 that if I'm
pointing in the right direction that I should be that the signal fades in
and out.. I'm guessing this might be weather related or something, but not
sure... thanks!

Zachary McGibbon
VA2ZAC - mzac@northco.net

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