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Re: AO-40 Mis-Information

Philip Berkowitz wrote:
> I'm wondering if anyone else has come across heard this from people that
> are not on satellite but have been thinking about trying satellite..
> In the last week I have heard comments both on the local repeater and
> ATV net that AO-40 is dead! One fellow actually sold his whole satellite
> station. Of course I had to jump in tell them that  AO-40 is far from
> dead! Plus its not the only bird in the sky!
> Has anyone else heard things like this?

Sure Phil , hear it all the time on HF , but of course I hear alot of
other things that I take with a grain of salt and then check out on my
own before I go doing anything rash or impulsive ;^)

Mis-information seems to get around much faster than the real thing

the human condition :^P


Douglas Cole   N7BFS
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