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Re: ARISS frequencies.  You are on the correct uplink for
UK-Europe-Africa-Middle East-Russia-Mongolia.  The rest of the world
uplinks on 144.49 MHz.  This is per the instructions from the ARISS web
site: www.rac.ca/ex2.htm

I am glad to see some general ham radio activity from ISS.  Unfortunately,
I was at work during all of the times reported, and who know if Susan was
operating over Alaska.  Sometimes I take the FT-817 to work and connect it
to a VHF test antenna at 45 feet on our 120-foot comm tower.  Oh well.

Today they dock the shuttle and have EVA's scheduled {watching NASA-TV as I
write this} so I would guess no ham activity for awhile.

73, Ed

>From: "Terry Bromley" <Terry.Bromley@btinternet.com>
>Heard Susan working USA stations yesterday 20/04/01 1852utc.Thought i will
>be ok when she goes over the uk, But no signals heard. Shouted up twice just
>in case, but no reply.I was rx 145.800-tx 145.200. But noted you guys on tx
>145.490. do you know somethink we don't hi . Any comments welcome. Thankyou

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