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AO40 Receive setup

I have seen a lot on the boards about Ao-40 telem receive setups and I just
got mine working and was wondering if anyone else is using a similar setup,
and how it is working for them.

I am using Myers dish with an SSB SB-13 mast mounted preamp and an Icom-970
with the ICOM add in 2.4 GHz module.  I am auto tuning using the CAT port
driven by a Trakbox.  The Trakbox sets up the IC-970 for the 2.4 GHz band
and tunes for Doppler without operator intervention.  This allows me to have
the station set up for auto operation on KO-25/UO-22 simultaneous with auto
operation for AO-40 telemetry.  Next I want to install the Symenc IFD board
and get on line with 38.4K (never enough time)

I first attempted to receive telemetry this morning using AO40RCV and
received my first good CRC block at a range of about 23000 km, and received
24% good CRC blocks while the satellite was within my field of view.

How does this compare with the results others are seeing?

Thanks & 73,

Art  AA3GU

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