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Re: 16-turn S-band helix

As I write this (1150Z), I can just barely hear AO-40 with my 13-turn helix,
and it's 46000 km away!  I am sure that today's pass will be very strong!


At 11:30 PM 4/19/01 , you wrote:
>Hi Vince,
>I've been using a 16 turn helix and have been hearing AO40 out to 20000 km.
>Tomorrow morning I will hopefully be set up to actually copy telemetry.  Up
>to now I've been running portable without a computer available because all
>the good passes were either just before work or during lunch.  The latest
>AMSAT Journal gives a sample downlink budget based on using the satellite's
>high gain antenna which shows an 8 turn helix would give you a 17db SNR.
>I'd say give it a try.  You should certainly be able to hear something.

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