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AO40 on 4/20/01


If anyone wants a reference to check against, in the morning, I'll be
running the following.

- mp3 audio from my ts2000 to the internet, point your player, not browser
to http://www.highrf.com:8080
- I'll be pushing to the goddard server.  With P3t point to ip of port 1024

I should start at about 7:30am EDT or 11:30z

I'll be on autocontrol including radio tuning from ao40rcv with mic click
tuning. (BTW, for those with the ts2000, use "up01;" for up and "dn01;" for
Down.  I've found that if the radio is in Sat mode, the UP; and DN; don't
work.  I just happened to stumble on a note in the manual about that :).)

Here is the basic Autocontrol routine.
Load up Wisp32
Load up WispDDE 3.0

Setup the ts-2000 in WispDDE 3.0 and make sure that the mic up/dn selection
is set (this causes Wisp to initially start doppler tuning, after a few
seconds it will stop, which should get it in the ballpark)

Make sure that Wisp32 is setup with AO-40

AO40rcv only opens the serial port when it sends a command and then it
closes it so there shouldn't be a conflict, but we'll see if this works in
the am :)

I won't be able to stay through the pass, so I'll get it started and then
I'll leave it running until I return.  When the sat pass is over the audio
on my stream should revert back to 14.262 if you want to leave it running :)

Have fun and I'll publish stats after the pass, BTW, my Monday pass, under
full auto control received it's first packet (non-CRC'd) from MA225


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