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Re: AMSAT presence on SETI@home

Attention:  The following message was received:
From: SETI, the extra terrestrial dog.  
To:  SETI the cat.

RUFF!  RUFF!  GRRRR!  BOW--WOW!  <Alien Translator Mode - On>  "we citizens
from Sirius, the dog star, do not recognize the kitty species...unless you
would like to (be)come the lunch"  <Alien Translator Mode - Off>  ARF! ARF!

SETI {the dog} is a nearly all black Siberian-Husky Mix female puppy of 16
months age with a white "star" on her chest.  She is the official mascot of
the Alaska Chapter of the SETI-League.  She and her fellow "interstellar
companions" are often heard communicating via the moon...hooowl.

SETI-League Vol. Coord. for Alaska
Project Argus SETI Radiotelescope: BP40iq  {currently observing 1420 MHz
"21cm hydrogen line"}
visit:  http//:www.setileague.org

you wrote:
>From: kw8kw@att.net
>Tom, Do I get extra-credit since my cat is named "SETI"?
>Bill KW8KW

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