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Re: KCT Station Drivers, WQM mod

At 07:27 AM 4/19/2001 -0400, jeff w griffin wrote:
>I looked for several day's for way's to remove from memory a 16 bit TSR,
>never found a clean fail safe way to do it.

I have had good success with a now-old set of utilities called TSRCOM. 
There's a program called MARK that you run first, before loading any TSRs, 
then a program called RELEASE that you run to remove any and all TSRs that 
have been loaded since you ran MARK. You can find these at 

I haven't used them with this particular TSR, but I'd be surprised if they 
didn't work. The only caveat I can think of is that, knowing how the KCT 
hwardware works, you'd better make sure the motors aren't running at the 
moment the TSR is disabled, or they will keep running.

73  -Paul

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