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Re: KCT Station Drivers, WQM mod

 Bill , you must be talking about the WQM mod. As Station uses the 16 bit
KCT driver(which gets loaded as a TSR) , and WiSP uses the 32 bit driver,
when you load WiSP the 16 bit driver stay's resident. What happens is
rotor chatter, the two drivers telling the rotor slightly different
values.  What I did to resolve this, rather then reboot the computer to
remove the 16 bit driver, is to run a jumper switch off of the i/o
address dip switch on the KCT card. This allows me to control the I/O
address from a front mounted SPST switch mounted on the front of the
computer. I'm on the road in LINY and don't have the I/O addresses
available I used , but you simply choice a different I/O address for each
driver you select with the different programs and switch the address to
run either. This way the 16 bit driver stays resident but can be
disabled! Works like a champ. I've been running like this for several
  For the uninformed....  The 16 bit driver is the only one that runs
with Station. The source code for Station doesn't exist anymore. The 32
bit driver run's with WiSP, and un installs when you quit the program. I
looked for several day's for way's to remove from memory a 16 bit TSR,
never found a clean fail safe way to do it. If someone had the time , you
could possibly write a small program to find and no-op the TSR in memory,
but the switch was a lot simpler solution, as you would have to remember
to run the program,  you have to remember to throw the switch. Neither
could be automated with the current S/W I use. If you forget to change
the I/O address the rotor won't move at all, and the radio won't tune. So
If WiSP comes up automated/unattended, and the I/O address for the 16 TSR
is selected, no damage will result. I hope this helps.

73 Jeff kb2wqm   

On Tue, 17 Apr 2001 19:26:48 -0400 Bill Hurlock <bill@hurlock.net>
> A while back someone mentioned they had a fix for the problem with
> Station not unloading it's drivers. 
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