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Re: AO-40 Mis-Information

I'l just add my "two-cents":

I ran into a similar situation from some of my local ham club members who
had "heard" that P3D or "AO-whatever-you-call-it" had died.  Of course they
had read it in the January issue of QST [news from early December] which
arrives up here in mid-Jan.  I proceeded to field his doubts and correct
his mis-information though he was reluctant to accept it.

One thing I have found helpful is by being known as the "Amsat Guy" [Amsat
Area Coord.], so what I say is more readily accepted as "official".  This
hasn't come about quickly, and I believe it has resulted from hosting the
Amsat table at our main state hamfest for the past four years.  Of course
often I don't know a particular answer to a question, so it pays to keep up
on the "news".

The current newsletter editor for the main Anchorage ham club is good about
reporting from either Amsat News or ARRL News, so his info is much more
timely...certainly helps my job ;-)  It also helps that he has a interest
in satellite operation.


>From: "Tim Cunningham" <tim_cunningham@mindspring.com>
>Unfortunately, the HAM magazines are 2 to 3 months behind
>getting the correct news to the Amateur Community.  This can be
>attributed to their deadlines for news articles and the lead time for
>printing and distribution.  I write many articles on a monthly basis
>for our Club newsletter.  Our readers were confused in the
>difference our newsletter and the HAM magazines.  Finally, I had to
>write an explanation in our Club newsletter each month to explain
>they are reading the latest and greatest information in reference
>to the Ham publications.
>For a period of time many thought AO-40 was in serious trouble
>locally and could not understand why I was publishing information
>that contradicted QST or CQ.  Who am I?
>We can help control these things at a local level by getting involved
>with local clubs and help provide news on AO-40 that is current.
>Our Editor can always count on me taking my submissions right
>down to the deadline to make sure I have included all the latest news
>on AO-40.  Now, they trust what they read in our newsletter and ignore
>the magazines when it comes to AO-40.
>This is only one method of controlling the information. I also get
>on the local repeater if I hear talk about AO-40 to provide the latest
>news.  This usually happens right after the magazines hit the mail
>Tim - N8DEU
>Huntsville, Alabama

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