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Re: AO-40 Mis-Information

Philip Berkowitz <Philb@ctweather.com> wrote:

>I'm wondering if anyone else has come across heard this
>from people that are not on satellite but have been think-
>ing about trying satellite..
>In the last week I have heard comments both on the local
>repeater and ATV net that AO-40 is dead! One fellow actually
>sold his whole satellite station...

Buy it cheap. *Then* tell him he's wrong. :-)

>Of course I had to jump in tell them that  AO-40 is far
>from dead! Plus its not the only bird in the sky! Has
>anyone else heard things like this?

Of course. Bad news always travels fastest. Magazine covers
shout AO-40 IN TROUBLE. Followups do not merit the same
treatment. Local nets announce the bad news, but ignore
the good news. I've observed this one myself.

There have been threads on precisely this subject on amsat-bb.
A few weeks ago I found myself repeatedly explaining at a
local flea market that while AO-40 had had some problems,
it was far from dead.

Of course, this was only *after* the money had changed hands
for the 2.4 GHz gear...which Rule of Acquisition is this?

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