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RE: AMSAT presence on SETI@home

Okay, I *finally* started to read and comprehend :)  Sorry for the silly 
questions earlier...

I can confirm what W4EPI has done---I first QUIT my old group, and then 
joined AMSAT.

All my units have been transferred!

Thanks for the strategy, Steve.


Mark N8MH

At 07:24 AM 4/18/01 -0400, Steve Diggs wrote:
>I had previously created and joined a group of Georgia hams on SETIATHOME. I
>found that by first quitting my group, then joining the AMSAT group, that it
>transferred all blocks processed by my systems since I signed up with them.
>Steve Diggs, W4EPI
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>Mark, N8MH and others asked
> > Can I move my units from one group to another?  Or do I lose them/start

Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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