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Re: ISS silence

T5z4@aol.com wrote:

> I do know this much and that is that since last night, the expedition two 
> crew on ISS have had to deactivate many of the space station systems for what 
> amounts to a repositioning of their Soyuz vehicle.  Doing this requires that 
> they temporarily configure ISS as though they will not be returning.  So, 
> like with Mir, having no ground controllability of the on board amateur gear, 

Ahhhhh...there are seven "station modes" that can be commanded: 
Standard, Microgravity, Reboost, Proximity Ops, External Ops, Survival, 
and ASCR (Assured Safe Crew Return).

If they're moving the Soyuz to another docking point, they are probably 
going to Proximity Ops mode. and for this maneuver, I'm guessing that 
they all all be on board the Soyuz.

That's a good point, and probably good news.

73 de Maggie K3XS

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