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Probably NOT a good way to operate


Hello Everyone,

This is in response to Dino's (K6RIX) recent post on the SAREX mail list.

The following is a partial transcript of his post:

Also as a reminder...  please do NOT try connect to the ISS TNC!  It takes
up space where digipeated
packets could have been sent!  My guess here is that the ISS went out of
range and the ground
station did not ACK the disconnect request (reject a connect).

04/14/01 23:18:43 NOCALL*>N_QS: [DM]:
04/14/01 23:19:00 NOCALL*>N_QS: [DM]:
04/14/01 23:19:19 NOCALL*>N_QS: [DM]:
04/14/01 23:20:07 NOCALL*>N_QS: [DM]:
04/14/01 23:21:08 NOCALL*>N_QS: [DM]:

I'll probably be sorry for posting this, and my wife always tells me to wait
a day before posting an angry message, but here goes anyway. The following
is a transcript of my reply sent to Dino's arrl.net address:

Dave here, N6QS.

Saw your post on the AMSAT ISS reflector, and I apologize.

Here's the deal...
I'm very new to satellite and quite frankly don't find much use for VHF/UHF
outside of packet (mostly DX cluster). Most of my activity is HF. I've got a
bunch of VHF/UHF stuff around the shack and decided to put it to some use. I
had no idea the ISS TNC was not taking connect requests. Believe me, I
WOULD NOT have cluttered up the uplink freq with my connect requests had I
known. Sorry I horrified you. I promise to monitor the reflector for updated
info regarding the ISS TNC. I realize the proper operation of my station is
MY responsibility and ignorance is no excuse.

OK, I guess I've beat myself up enough about it. Now it's your turn.

When I first learned CW, I noticed almost immediately that the only stations
willing to work my sloppy code were the Extra's. The experienced Ops went
out of their way to help me become proficient and deserve combat pay for
copying my lousy code. I vowed that when I passed my 20 WPM test and
upgraded (96), I would emulate these excellent Ops. And I have done just
that, to the extent possible. I will even go out of my way to research an
email address of some poor soul who is struggling, no matter what mode they
are operating (RTTY, PACTOR, etc.). The last thing I would think of is to
humiliate them publicly.

Are you starting to catch on?

Even though you were "kind" enough to omit my call sign area, you might as
well have posted my name and address along with a message calling me a lid.

Us "newbies" are allowed to make mistakes. Would you like to know how I
figured out the ISS TNC is digipeat only at this time? BY MYSELF! Without
your help or anyone else's help at AMSAT. You see Dino, rather then someone
taking the time to HELP ME, you instead chose to humiliate me.

You know what Dino? Maybe satelite work isn't that much fun after all.

73 de Dave N6QS

OK, I've done it now! Please don't hurt me too much! I figured the BBS was a
better forum for a reply then the SAREX list.

73 de Dave N6QS

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