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Re: AO-40 Mis-Information

Philip Berkowitz wrote:

> In the last week I have heard comments both on the local repeater and
> ATV net that AO-40 is dead! One fellow actually sold his whole satellite
> station. Of course I had to jump in tell them that  AO-40 is far from
> dead! Plus its not the only bird in the sky!
> Has anyone else heard things like this?

Of course.

It's our job to get the truth out there. A lotta folks see a headline on 
the cover of CQ: "AO-40 in trouble", and conclude the bird is dead. And 
then don't think on it any further.

I had somebody tell me locally in all seriousness that "a friend of his 
knew somebody" at NORAD/USAF Skywatch who examined AO-40 right after 
launch and saw mangled antennas by telescope. All this conveyed in sage 
tones of the true insider. (And he wasn't about to believe a *woman* who 
knew different, either. ;-) )

There's *all* kinds of misinformation out there. And the publication lag 
of "the dead-tree edition" of most ham media is *months* behind what's 
actually happening.

73 de Maggie K3XS
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