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Re: AO40 good CRC Monday

Hi folks,
Me too! I also gave a try to AO-40 on Easter Monday, I was at home on 
vacation :-)
I used two rx sets in paralell:
#1 was a 28 turn helix AF9Y "ring reflector" type built as per Jerry's (K5OE) 
parameters with a SSB UEK2000 converter followed by an ARR 144 to 28 MHz 
converter and a Kenwood TS-850s HF as the if rx.
#2 was a stock TSI AIDC-3773 (no mods) with its bbq dish (the large one, very 
heavy indeed) and a Yaesu FT-847 as if rx (tuned to 123MHz).
I listened from aprox MA 240 (didn't try before) to LOS. 
On set #1 signals were very good lots of CRCs OK on AO40RCV ver 1.00, set #2 
signals were not as good as with set #1 but could listen to it OK.
I was so delighted with the performance of set #1 that did not paid to much 
attention to #2. Next time will try to make some type of controlled 
experiment so I can give a more meaningful report.
So the winners were:
the helix, great cheap antenna!!!!!
AO40RCV, that's a wonderful piece of software, it surfs on any doppler and 
locks anywhere in the passband!!!!!!
and above all AO-40!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, as long as ALON improves this beauty is 
showing its potential.
BTW, I made some surgery in the nigth and got rid of the 2.4GHz stub in the 
TSI, no longer stock :-)

Antonio Fernandez, M.D. KC2HAX / EA4LE
Belle Mead, NJ
e-mail: kc2hax@amsat.org

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