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Re: AMSAT presence on SETI@home

Mark, N8MH and others asked

> Can I move my units from one group to another?  Or do I lose them/start over?

The answer to your question is seen at the AMSAT group URL:

and then click on the JOIN item. Under JOIN you will see their "rules":

- If this is the first group you have ever joined then all of your 
   current credit will be given to this group, in addition to all 
   new credit you receive. 
- If you are currently a member of a group and are switching to another 
   group, the new group will receive all of your new credit, but the 
   old group will keep all of your old credit. 
- Joining a group does not affect your personal credit statistics in any

So please join in.

I'm amazed that in less than 24 hours since I posted my initial notice,
we now have 29 people contributing. A total of 11191 work units are on
the books. The "Top Gun" is Bob McGwier, N4HY. The individual totals add
up to about 29000 units, so it appears that the 11191 unit total
represents only "fresh" units and that a number of folks transferred in
from other groups.

73, Tom
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