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My results for AO-40 4/17/01

I decided last night that I'd try a "completely" automated
tracking/decoding/doppler pass of AO-40.  The window here in Atlanta, was
from about MA 150 to MA245ish.  It started at 4:45z this morning and it ran
until 12:00z.

I had an early meeting, so I checked it at 11:00z and found it all working
and I then headed out the door.  I didn't know the results until I got home
this afternoon.

Here are those results.

Kenwood TS-2000
SSB UEK3000SAT (432 if)
52 element loop yagi at 80' on my tower (only about 10') from the
AO40RCV v1.22 - using the serial method of controlling the ts-2000 with the
UP; and DN; commands to mimic the mic controls

I'm going back through the archive later to find out when I got the first
packet, but in total I received over 350 packets and 59% of them were with
valid CRC :)

I'm obviously extremely happy with the results.  For those that don't have
the windloading left on their tower (my problem) for a dish, the loop yagi
works extremely well.  Mine is from directivesystems.com and I saved the $10
or so and ordered and built the kit.  It's mounted for horizontal
polarization so in theory, I'm giving up 3db to those running RHCP, but I'm
not sure it really matters with the off pointing as odd as it is to the

Anyway, I noticed Paul is getting lots of good telemetry information and I
just sent my file to the collection... Keep up the good work.

As some of you know, I have hosted net sessions to checkout equipment for
those trying to get 2.4G stuff working.  If there is enough interest, I'm
happy to do it again, just let me know.  I pushed all my telemetry
information to the Goddard Server last night and on my net sessions, I do
that and provide an audio stream so that people can hear what I'm hearing
and decoding and make changes to see if they can improve their setup.

I'm not suggesting that my setup is a perfect one, but it seems to work and
I'm more that happy to help those out that are trying to test theirs.  I
know what it's like wondering does your Downconverter work, how well are
others with similar equipment hearing the bird, etc.

With auto control working, if the pass is during waking hours, I can be on
the IRC channel at the same time and I don't have to tune for doppler
anymore :)


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