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Re: AO40 uplink ?

>Conditions are getting better every day.
>Do we know which frequencies will be firstly used for the uplink ?
>renauld halbardier

I'm not in charge so this is merely my opinion:

I would guess that either of two uplink frequencies will be first activated
based on current status of the satellite:
1.  1269 MHz since this is curently being used by the command stations, or
2.  435 MHz since many stations have this capability in their AO-10/13
3.  It is safe to say 2400 will be the initial downlink frequency.

And this is better a question for Paul or Peter.  My question is how does
it look for Field Day operations?

The ultimate question that will be answered eventually is what modes will
be functional on AO-40.  If recovery of some non-operative frequencies is
possible, then the choices will increase...I have no crystal ball.


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