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RE: AO40 Copy on 17 April

I copied AO-40 telemetry from about 1050z until LOS at 1145z today here in
Atlanta. I noticed the fade at the beginning, but by the last 15 minutes or
so the signal was so strong (S9+20) that the fade just didn't matter. Timing
didn't seem right for rotational fade. I got 120 good frames out of 165.
(73%) Signal was so loud at the end that my dog started howling. LOS was 1.5
minutes early using Kep set #63; range was 4700 miles. Don't remember MA. 
System here is a Meyers TBSA1 30" dish (80' up on the tower) into a
UEK3000SAT; 150 feet of LMR400 into a 746 and AO40Rcv 1.1. 
Steve Diggs, W4EPI

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Yes!!   I did too!

531 Blocks with only 35 good CRC!  I can rule out the trees my antenna is in
the clear.   I am horizontal with a TranSystem as well.


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> I had what sounded like LOTS of fading this AM.  I'm not sure if it was
> trees blowing, the horizontal polarity of the TranSystem dish, or the
> Did anyone else notice an usual amount of signal fading this AM?  It kept
> me from getting good CRC blocks..only about 1-2 OK out of over 100 blocks.
> 73,
> Mark
> At 07:09 AM 4/17/01 -0500, Mike Kingery wrote:
> >Got 37 good CRC telemetry out of 167 total this AM.  Signals were strong
> >again in the last 20 minutes of the pass.  A little further off to the
> >
> >Mike Kingery
> >mkingery@ala.net

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