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Re: FM Satellite Etiquette

Now Bob, let's not be hasty here....2 yrs ago at field day for the Garden
State Amatuer Radio Club, I made Two separate Mir voice contacts. The one at
2 in the morning nobody else was on and I had the door to the RV open and
was yelling for any one who wanted to talk to JP on Mir to get in here
quick. We gave JP our own little club pile up. Trouble was we were all so
excited that we all used our own call signs...forgot to use the W2GSA call
for the field day log....DUH.

So let's not chalk ISS up as a Zero chance just yet. There are some real
hams onboard and I'll bet they know how important field day is in the radio

Al Emer, N2YAC

At 12:48 PM 04/17/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>Ah, its time...
>By field day, We should have the following workable FM satellites:
>Satellite  Mode      RADIO/EQUIP      Chances  Notes
>---------  --------  ---------------  -------  ---------
>ISS        FM voice  2m FM            zero
>ISS        FM packet 2m FM & TNC      Poor
>Choose your weapons....
>Good luck.  

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