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Re: AO40 Copy on 17 April


It seemed about normal this AM, compared to what little I have copied it. 
Weak with losts of fades when I started listening around 1600UTC.  Got
stronger as the pass went on.  And then took a big drop off.   came back in
the last 20 minutes or so of the pass very strong.  That was around 1730 to
1750 if I remember right.  I got lots of Sync's during the first hour.  But
with the fades I was getting bad CRC of course.  I was in the clear on that
pass.  I have a group of pine trees that seem to bother me to from South to
West.  That pass was just a touch South of East for me.  The trees seem to
be a real problem.  But I will have to do this some more before I decide
that is really the problem.

Yesterday AO40 was much stronger.  Today was strong but not as good.  I
figure that was due to the Range distance as this pass never got that close
to me.  Just my speculation though.

If I remember right you have many trees around your QTH?

Mike Kingery
EM71, Southeast Alabama
On Tue, 17 Apr 2001 11:28:26 -0400 hammond@surrealnet.net wrote:
I had what sounded like LOTS of fading this AM.  I'm not sure if it was the 
trees blowing, the horizontal polarity of the TranSystem dish, or the bird.

Did anyone else notice an usual amount of signal fading this AM?  It kept 
me from getting good CRC blocks..only about 1-2 OK out of over 100 blocks.



At 07:09 AM 4/17/01 -0500, Mike Kingery wrote:
>Got 37 good CRC telemetry out of 167 total this AM.  Signals were strong
>again in the last 20 minutes of the pass.  A little further off to the east
>than I have copied before.  Put the TranSys dish and downconverter up on my
>TV rotor controlled AZ/EL and it worked fine.  Manual control of the
>positioning was more that accurate enough to copy AO40.  And my Elevation
>rotor controller is one of the "clicky" types (sorry for the definition),
>that only has about 7.5 degrees per position.  Very encouraging.
>73 KE4AZN  em71
>Mike Kingery
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Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]

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