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145.800 packet

Hi All:
	I have been trying to hear the ISS packet transmissions
and so far have not heard anything here in FL.  I'm hoping that
maybe someone can point out what I'm doing wrong.  I'm using
WinOrb with the amsat distributed keps and I have found that
WinOrb and www.heavens-above.com seem to predict the same passes,
so I think that I have all the 'time/keps issues' sorted out for 
WinOrb.  Are the heavens-above.com predictions a good reference?

	Strangely enough, about 1:00 AM EDT (5:00 UTC) this morning
(4/17) I heard packet transmissions on 145.800, so I quickly fired
up WinOrb, but it showed that ISS was not visible ( nor any other
of the satellites that I track with WinOrb ).  Is 145.800 used 
for any other 'standard' packet frequencies?  Unfortunately,
I did not have a TNC hooked up so I could not see what was being

Thanks for any help es 73
Mike KU4AD

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