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Re: FM Satellite Etiquette

On Tue, 17 Apr 2001 k6yk@juno.com wrote:
> Let's not start up this field day thing again!  Enough is enough

Ah, its time...
By field day, We should have the following workable FM satellites:

Satellite  Mode      RADIO/EQUIP      Chances  Notes
---------  --------  ---------------  -------  ---------
AO-27      FM voice  Dual Band        Poor
UO-14      FM voice  Dual Band        Poor
ISS        FM voice  2m FM            zero
ISS        FM packet 2m FM & TNC      Poor
OPAL       FM packet UHF FM & 96TNC   Moderate
AO-16      PSK       FM UP, SSB down  Good     SoundCard
IO-26      PSK       FM UP, SSB down  Good     SoundCard
UO-22      FM packet Dual Band 9600   fair

Choose your weapons....
Good luck.  

P.S.  Those are all FM.  I omitted the obvious ANALOG birds...

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