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Fwd: RE: FM Satellite Etiquette

Tony and the gang:

Well, I suppose operating Leo's from Alaska is a bit different than down in
the US, judging from what has been said on the bb.  I have not really
opearated up here [did make a few contacts on UO-14 early-on with my FT-847
and a fixed pointed M2 436CP42 and my 2m vertical [50w works quite well].  

I will be flying to New Jersey to attend SETI-Con01 for the weekend of
April 28-29 and then to Michigan until May 6th, so can't exactly take my
1.5kw PA and my eme array along--he, he ;-)  A freind has offered to sell
his Arrow, so I may have one along; that and a 1/4 WL 2m magmount whip
antenna [remember it all has to pack in a suitcase].  So alI I will have is
the barefoot FT-817 "non-duplex" radio for satellite operation!  So I will
give it a go.  I have to remember to print-out a bunch of passes for
NJ/Michigan since I will have no computer [or e-mail].

{transplanted Michigander}
PS:  Hope you'all enjoyed my tongue-in-cheek humor on my last post for this
topic.  Yeh, half of Alaskans say Y'all a lot, since they are transplanted
from Tex/OK/Loosiana!  Man, I can't see how they keep from freezing their
ears and toes off wearing those cowboy hats and "pointy-toed" boots up here

>From: Tony Langdon <tlangdon@atctraining.com.au>
>> my FT-817 [5w + whip/arrow] since I'm not known by name.  If 
>> I get on and
>No, more likely no one will come back because they didn't hear you.  Get a
>decent antenna and pick your timing, and they'll come back, if they're
>paying attention...  A handheld beam should suffice, with a bit of skill
>thrown in.

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