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FM Satellite Etiquette

The conversation is staying almost rational, so I'll dive in, too. :-)

I've been frustrated on UO-14 (probably like many people), as it 
is just plain crowded, especially on the weekends. The frustration
is similar to trying to work that rare station I need on 15 meters
and everyone else on the band is trying to work him, too. 
Of course, the feeling of satisfaction of making the QSO is
quite similar, too. It seems to be the nature of the beast. 
Big footprint with one communication channel over
populated area during leisure time = heavy QRM. 

I would ask the "regulars" to be careful about slipping into
ragchew mode thinking that no one else is on the bird
at the moment. It can be frustrating to stand there dorking with
the frequency knob, pointing the antenna, waiting for
an opening and have a well-equipped station start chatting 


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