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Re: Re: [sarex] What am I doing wrong...?]

>>n4xeo wrote:
>> > I would tend to say that your local aprs stations are running HIGH
>> > deviation.  This is what I've seen from running a bbs for 15 years. The
>> > users just don't have the equipment to set the tnc for 2.8 to 3 khz of
>> > deviation. Not to mention most radios out of the box now a days are
>> > over 5khz of deviation. Just add a tnc and look at what you have.
>> >
>> > 73, Bill N4XEO
Another possibility for checking your deviation might be your local
bulletin board.  The packet-bb in Anchorage on 145.010 provides dev check
if you enter the right command.  Since the bb is located on the hillside
[remember in Alaska anything <3000 foot is a hill] it has very good
coverage out to 80-100 miles.  Many a new packet operator has set his Tx
dev using the dev meter on the bb.

In my case with a shop full of test equipment at work, it was easy to set
the KPC-3.  Didn't get on over th e weekend though; Did get my federal
taxes done.  BTW the FT-817 came from the factory set to 8 KHz deviation!!!
 Fortunately both the radio and the kantronics TNC have programmable e-pot
adjustments, so it was easy to set using the IFR service monitor.

BTW I am very impressed with the KPC-3 TNC.  Apparently so are my local
packet users as I find them using me as a digi a lot.


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