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RE: FM Satellite Etiquette

{all previous replys deleted to make more room for my reply--he, he}

If I get this Leo talk correct, then nobody will talk to me when I try with
my FT-817 [5w + whip/arrow] since I'm not known by name.  If I get on and
say this is ED..will I get noticed.  OR would it be better to say "Hi Bozo"
and have 150 guys answer???  I thought this was ham radio, not...see-bee!

I know I'll go "BREAKER-BREAKER".  Bet I get noticed and get a whole bunch
of replies [although likely unprintable].  

OK, seriously I hope to work a few Leo contacts from Michigan May1-6 while
vacationing and visiting my folks.  If you hear "Ed" or "al7eb", say HI :-)
 I expect to be mobile on 2m-FM, 144-ssb, 432-ssb, and portable on
10,368-ssb.  That last one is MHz not KHz!  might even try a long wire from
my folks house on the dc-bands.

PS:  "this is Ed in my AVIS, four wheeling down I-75 looking for that
convoy and on smoky watch" "A big 10-4, good buddy"...country music comes
up and I wave my cowboy hat into the sunset...YeHaw!

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