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Re: AO40 good CRC Monday

Hi Maggie.

maggie@voicenet.com writes:
> You have a preamp on the helix too, don't you?  Or is that barefoot?

Yes, I have a Conifer MMDS preamp, as I was too chicken to try the RF amp 
mod.  It is rated at 10 dB, but my testing indicates it is closer to 6 dB at 
2401 MHz.  But (and a big BUT), it has a much lower NF than the bare Drake 
(1.5 v. 5.6).  You can see both the Drake mods ("Drake 2880 Mods") and the 
helix installation ("16-Turn Helix") on my web page:  

I have not had the time to test it one-on-one with AO-40, but my TranSystem 
downconverter appears to have roughly the same performance as the Drake 
w/mods+preamp on local 2.4 GHz ATV and MMDS.
Jerry, K5OE
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