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RE: FM Satellite Etiquette

Jon Ogden <na9d@mindspring.com> wrote:

>You have to be quick and courageous.

Courageous?? Is that a nice way to say aggressive/obnoxious?

I can be as "quick and couragous" as anyone, but I do at least try to 
maintain some basic level of courtesy. Even on the low end of 20 meters in 
the middle of a contest there are some rules.

>The FM birds are not actually "easy" in that sense.

This is true, notwithstanding the hype in the Amateur press, which leads 
you to believe that you can easily work through these satellites with an HT 
and a rubber duck. But they should be easy - for new hams with a new 
dualband HT to to get their feet wet in satellite operation and have a 
success experience so they will be encouraged to try the "hard" satellites.

>Typical "repeater" style courtesies go out the window.

True enough ... and this is acceptable???

And again in the same post ...

>Standard radio courtesies go out the window on FM birds.

I don't have to argue the point any further - Jon just made it for me 
beautifully - twice.

So I'll leave it here: enjoy Amateur Radio. There's a lot to enjoy.

73 Rip K3XO

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