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Re: FM Satellite Etiquette

Red Johnson wrote, about frustration on the FM satellites:

> You can read it yourself in the recent discussions where the big guns even brag > about being able to capture the bird anytime they feel like it...> It sure wouldn't be allowed on HF, where I plan to stay, thank you very much.

Then Maggie wrote:

There's lids on HF too...or don't you operate on 75 meters? :-) HF has the luxury of fairly wide-open bands that are there most of the time. Fortunately the ionosphere sticks around for longer than ten minutes, and it can accommodate more than one QSO at a time. So the impact of lamebrained operators is *vastly* reduced. 

Wayne replies:

Red Johnson must not hang out on the same HF frequencies that I do.  The tendency to run unnecessarily high power is MUCH more common on HF bands than it is on satellites.  I'm always amazed how many ragchewers keep running high power when the station they are talking to reports that they are 40 over 9 (and S7 on my radio 5 kHz away where I'm trying to hear a weak signal).  HF big guns have a habit of breaking into the same DX pileups every day, to the exclusion of little pistols struggling to make their first contact with the DX station.  They seem to do it just to prove that they can bust a pileup with "one call".  The mentality is EXACTLY like the alligators on UO14.

Discounting the FM birds, satellite operators tend to be much more polite than HF operators.  And the SSB/CW satellite transponders are usually less crowded than the HF bands.  I have had far more QRM-free ragchews with DX stations on satellite than I ever had on HF.  That was on AO13, mostly.  And it will happen again soon on AO40.  If you want operator civility, I say you should stick with satellites.  Just stay away from the FM satellites unless you enjoy the challenge of overcoming rudeness and mayhem.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Mundelein, IL, USA

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