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Re: Re: [sarex] What am I doing wrong...?]

At 00:44 2001-04-16 +0200, Guido Gazzadi wrote:
>n4xeo wrote:
> > I would tend to say that your local aprs stations are running HIGH
> > deviation.  This is what I've seen from running a bbs for 15 years. The
> > users just don't have the equipment to set the tnc for 2.8 to 3 khz of
> > deviation. Not to mention most radios out of the box now a days are running
> > over 5khz of deviation. Just add a tnc and look at what you have.
> >
> > 73, Bill N4XEO
> >
>I full agree with the need to set a correct TX deviation, but what is the way
>(for an average ham...) to measure it ???
>I have a Tek 100 MHz scope, HP old (and nice:-) HF-VHF-SHF signal generators
>and frequency meter, and the usual shack stuff.
>Someone can explain a technically-correct procedure ?
>                                                  thank in adwance, 73 de 
> Guido,
Hi Guido

What I tell my users to do is to turn DOWN the deviation on the tnc and 
then try and connect to a bbs with turning the pot UP until they connect. 
THEN just have a large message in their buffer and send it to them self as 
a message and move the pot down until they see that it isn't being sent and 
then just turn it up until it goes again. Turn it up a bit more and see if 
the transfer gets better. When they think they have it as best as they can 
see the data flow, then turn it DOWN just a bit and all should be fine. 
When I've checked their deviation with the service monitor, You would be 
surprised how close they were...

If you have another radio that you can listen with, then turn that on and 
you will hear when you get above the bbs and then all you have to do is 
turn it down...

73, Bill N4XEO

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