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Re: FM Satellite Etiquette

Hello Bruce!

15 Apr 01 13:26, you wrote to All:

 BP> they know. it is the fastest way to get a quick exchange without tying
 BP> up the satellite. this etiquette is very proper and the most expident
 BP> way to make a contact. i am sure you would not want each of those
 BP> people saying... xx1xx this is aa1aa over aa1aa roger roger, this is
 BP> xx1xx xx1xx qsl qsl, i am in xx11 aa1aa roger your xx11 i am in xx12

These expedient QSOs are a good idea.  With the regulars, I used to do a quick
"hi vkxxxx", and when things were really busy, I'd queue up a few signal
reports, eg, "VK3xxx, you're 59, vk2xxx, noisy, vk4xxx, 59, I'm running
portable 2W in Melbourne"...

Used to work quite well.  Now SO-35's gone, all that's academic, UO-14 is a
ragchewer's paradise down here!

 BP> instead, they simply say hi bob, hi bill, hi jim, etc. and it is much
 BP> faster.

Yes, it's good for the regulars...  I prefer to give the real newbies a bit
more time (thrill of their first satellite QSO, etc :) ).

 BP> i think the biggest problem is that people don't listen. i have heard

That's the same here.  First problem is some people haven't got their receive
sorted out.  Next, they don't pay attention, and FM satellite operation is one
field where millisecond timing and attention to detail count!

 BP> when vk5zai was here in my shack, he said hello to a couple of ops he
 BP> had met in houston but no one else tried to work him because they
 BP> didn't listen and know he was there.

Hmm, I'll have to come over and stir them up one day. :)

 BP> there are times in houston when the satellite is on an ascending pass
 BP> where i am alone on the bird for 3 minutes. sometimes xe2at is there
 BP> and k5oe, n5afv. so, are we to sit there and wait until the satellite
 BP> is high enough for someone else to get in before we say anything?
 BP> nope, we will talk amongst ourselves until there are a few more that
 BP> are in the window and then stop.

I've had that happen, usually it's because I'm right there on the sopt, and a
lot of the others seem to take 30 seconds or so to be ready to fire up. :)

 BP> sorry, we are not a clique unless you call operating a satellite a
 BP> clique, in which case, you are a member of it as well. there is
 BP> nothing wrong with your ht and arrow antenna. i have worked mobile
 BP> with the same setup and gave out grid squares for people while doing
 BP> so. look for me in the next few weeks on the border of el18/el28 and
 BP> el39/em30.

I think the problem is that FM sats make ever little operating glitch that most
(all?) of us have much worse, any hesitation, inattentiveness or sloppy
operation just really makes things worse on the birds.  While they might look
like "easy sats", they're actually quite challenging when it's busy, requiring
a lot of skill to get through.  Kind of like contesting on 2 metres (not
coincidentally, I enjoy doing the opening 2m FM shift in our biggest local
contest - have fun racking up the early points in the dogpiles, got the first
QSO or two in last year. :) ).

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