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Re: 3733 N con mod. question


I took the chicken way out -- Bob, KG5NA sold me an N adapter that is specially
made for the 3733. You remove  the dipole antenna and mount the N adapter. Easy.

He  only had a few at that time, but had ordered 100 more. Not sure if they are
in yet. What don't you drop him a note: KG5NA@aol.com

By the way, we received our crystals (the original frequency that was
specified). I tested two units last Friday. The trimmer cap showed an adjustment
range of 144.030 to 144.193 with a 2400 Mhz input. The sensitivity didn't seem
to be affected. With a -80dBm input, I got -42.25 output on mine, which has the
stub cut, and -56.1 on the other, which is unmodified. Also, one had the ground
leg soldered to the crystal holder, the other didn't. That also didn't seem to
make a difference. I adjusted them them both to 144.1 (+/- 5Khz - they are

When I hooked mine up (stub cut), the noise floor was S6 on my 847, and I have
100ft of quad shielded RG8 for the downlead. At this point, I would probably
vote against cutting the stub. Probably doesn't make any difference received

So, bottom line: don't cut anything. Order an N adapter from Bob. They're only
about 5 bucks.

Art, N3OY

Allen Fugelseth wrote:

Art, N3OY

> Hi Art,
>     I take it that you have successfully modified your 3733 by putting an N
> connector on the Downconverter.  I opened mine last night.  What did you do
> to install a new N connector?  Does removing the six screws and replacing
> them change the tuning?  What did you do to get rid of the  ring shoulder
> around the center pin?  I trying to work up the courage to cut into my 3733.
> Thanks.
>                                                             Sincerely,
>                                                             Allen Fugelseth
>                                                             Capitola, Ca.

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