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Re: ultimate antenna farm radiates too much rf

Bruce Paige wrote:

> i saw this on cnn yesterday. the vatican radio with their vast antenna farm gives off
> too much rf that is dangerous to nearby village people.
> .........
> however, i think the vatican does not have to do anything as they are an independent
> city-state and not under any obligation to the italian government to comply with rf
> regulations. should be interesting to see how it plays out.

The City of  Vatican is a quite independent state (and just the rare HV call-signs for DXers)
but theyr very large antenna farm is well inside the Italian territory and the citizens living
on the shadows of theyr big poles are Italians.... No problems if they move theyr antennas
inside theyr boundary....
BTW in the past the Vatican governments was allowed to look at theyr "indipendence"
in a very confortable way, since theyr proven ability to move large  mass of  votes in the
Italians elections (these will just take place the next 13 of May)
.... my be the laws regarding RF pollutions are not the same in central Italy
                                                                                           73 de
Guido, I4XQG

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