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Re: FM Satellite Etiquette

> Arrow II) after alot of reading and have a hard time
> getting in at times. Maybe I'm doing something wrong,
> if so, someone Elmer me. Shouldn't we use the pass

I hear you on both of them all the time. My best advice is to call someone
instead of just announcing your presence over and over. Those two satellites
are capable of many many good contacts per pass if the users would observe a
few basic principles. Don't transmit in the blind or on top of someone else,
including tailending calls. Unless you are working from a rare grid or a
special event, call someone when you transmit instead of just announcing
your presence over and over...Is your goal to make a qso or just hear
yourself? Have patience. While these sats are not inherently flawed as some
naysayers would have you believe, they are limited. I have operated mobile
from over 17 grids this year with nothing more than a mobile radio and a
magmount antenna (including 3 grids today!), and still get frustrated at

Good Luck.

Drew, KO4MA

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