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Re: FM Satellite Etiquette

obviously, you have not seen some of the awards that are available for 
satellite operators that are offered by amsat. one of them is the w4ami 
award. it is issued in multiples of 1,000 contacts. up to 5,000. that is why you 
will hear a bunch of people saying hello to the people they know. it is the 
fastest way to get a quick exchange without tying up the satellite. this 
etiquette is very proper and the most expident way to make a contact. i am 
sure you would not want each of those people saying...
xx1xx this is aa1aa over
aa1aa roger roger, this is xx1xx
xx1xx qsl qsl, i am in xx11
aa1aa roger your xx11 i am in xx12

instead, they simply say hi bob, hi bill, hi jim, etc. and it is much faster.

you will notice that i simply say 'hi guys' instead of each person as i already 
have the 5,000 award and don't need to get those extra qso's. once they 
reach their goal, you will find someone else that is in need of the contacts to 
reach their goal sitting in their place.

can't tell you how many people in the last year or two that i have been their 
frist or second satellite contact. the mistake that most of the new people 
make is that they get on and give their call and grid and then sit there. unless 
someone else needed their grid, no one will call them back,  they would 
rather go after a grid they need. the new person has to listen, get a call he 
wants to work and then call that person. it works much better that way until 
everyone hears the person a few times and recognizes their voice/call. 

i think the biggest problem is that people don't listen. i have heard 9z4dz on 
many times and no one goes back to him because they aren't listening. i 
have called him just to say hi so that people will hear his callsign again and 
then everyone wants to work him for the new grid and country but they wasted 
several minutes by not listening. 

when vk5zai was here in my shack, he said hello to a couple of ops he had 
met in houston but no one else tried to work him because they didn't listen 
and know he was there. 

there are times in houston when the satellite is on an ascending pass where i 
am alone on the bird for 3 minutes. sometimes xe2at is there and k5oe, 
n5afv. so, are we to sit there and wait until the satellite is high enough for 
someone else to get in before we say anything? nope, we will talk amongst 
ourselves until there are a few more that are in the window and then stop. 

sorry, we are not a clique unless you call operating a satellite a clique, in 
which case, you are a member of it as well. there is nothing wrong with your 
ht and arrow antenna. i have worked mobile with the same setup and gave 
out grid squares for people while doing so. look for me in the next few weeks 
on the border of el18/el28 and el39/em30.


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> easy if your in the click. The first few minutes are
> used by the regulars to exchange "hello's". How many
> times a day do you really need to do that. This causes
> the bird to be busy for the first few minutes of the

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