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FM Satellite Etiquette

I should have started this with the "Lack of FM
Satellite Etiquette".

Seems the AO-27 and UO-14, our "Easy Sats" are only
easy if your in the click. The first few minutes are
used by the regulars to exchange "hello's". How many
times a day do you really need to do that. This causes
the bird to be busy for the first few minutes of the
pass. I have assembled a portable system (TH-D7 and an
Arrow II) after alot of reading and have a hard time
getting in at times. Maybe I'm doing something wrong,
if so, someone Elmer me. Shouldn't we use the pass
time to work new stations and/or grids.

How much ERP does a station really need? Alot more
than is recommended. When you use low power and a
small handheld beam or omni its tough to compete with
the very high ERP stations on the bird.

My point is:

1. Lets all get along
2. Turn down the power
3. Let others in
4. Regulars should be encourged to work new stations
(other than new grids)

I'm not sure if I should have brought this up here,
but I think somethings need to be said. 

Thanks for listening


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