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AO40 Orbit 207 JPEGs

The JPEG photographs taken by the AO-40 YACE camera on orbit 207, and
downloaded in the telemetry during orbit 208 can be found in the ERTH807.zip
file contained in the archive zip file:


This file is located in the ftp directory:


For those who want to try their hand at decoding the pictures themselves
from the raw data, the D-block format is included in the latest telemetry
specification, which can be downloaded from the AMSAT-DL site at:


The above archive zip file (ao40_2001-04-14_00208.zip) also contains the raw
D-blocks from which the jpeg prictures were extracted (D00208_PG.TLM)

Once you have converted the raw D blocks to a flat file using the telemetry
specification information, the JPEG pictures are simple to extract. The
JPEGs are stored in JFIF format with an AMSAT date in UHR format at the end,
... JFIF AMSAT UHR Date JFIF AMSAT UHR Date etc, ...

The JFIF format can be found in lots of places on the web, and the AMSAT UHR
Date format is in the AO-40 Telemetry specification.

Plunder well!

Paul Willmott, VP9MU
AMSAT Telemetry Archive

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