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Re: Re: [sarex] Loose lips sink ships, etc.

On Sat, 14 Apr 2001, Jon Ogden wrote:

> Mankind has always wanted to press the limits and press forward.  So the ISS
> isn't perfect.  If it was a USA only built station, I am sure it would be
> better.  This past year I paid more in taxes than most people make.  I wish
> I didn't have to pay that much.   The only two things I don't mind paying
> taxes for are the defense budget and the NASA budget.  If I could be
> guaranteed that my taxes would go 50% to each one, I wouldn't bitch.  It's
> not perfect, but nothing ever is.
Sure maybe if it was a usa only station it might be better build but as
soon as a serius problem comes up it would be lost. Space needs the
experiance of the russians in problem solving, the nasa aproch of having a
timesheet for wiping your butt will backfire in long flights. 
> 73,
> Jon
> NA9D

73 de Andre PE1RDW
aprsdigi co-ordinator Netherlands
member aprs workgroup netherlands

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