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Re: [sarex] Loose lips sink ships, etc.

>I would add a couple of notes (and I am doing this publicaly because your 
>intial message was public...you will note that I am replying to the public 
>I recognize that there are probably lots of "names" that at least have 
>someone read this list for them.
>And I also read that a lot of negative comments about Ariane and 
>Aerospatiale are said to have negativly impacted the disucsssions on a 
>launch.  I have no way to know to what degree that this is accurate but 
>again my response to that would be about the same as it would be to the 
>ISS situation.
>NASA is going to do in the end what is good for NASA.  They are adept at 
>telling the country to take a long walk off a short pier so they would 
>have no problem screwing ham radio.  (like "opps we just discovered that 
>the LATEST cost overrun on the station is four billion and climbing gee 
>how did that happen").  If they let ham radio fly it will be because NASA 
>wants something out of it and they will make sure that they get what they 
>want and wont really care that the amateur community gets what it needs or 
>wants or expects.
>they are not going to turn the station "off" or not use it for school 
>contacts.  They dont use it for much more then school contacts now and the 
>fact that it takes a year or so to qualify a lap top to go to the station 
>is just so much "we really dont care" from them.
>I guess in the end if they read negative comments here and say "no more 
>ham radio" then tell me what will we have lost?
We have lost NOTHING, and we (AMSAT, USA) will gain whatever we don't 
spend, of our meager funds,
supporting this ridiculous venture.  Of course I have no choice if the BofD 
continues to support
this ridiculous venture, but I do have a choice in making any more of my 
meager contributions.

The entire ISS is nothing but a boondoggle when they support a crew up 
there.  I have no figures to
prove it, but my guess would be that for 1/100th of what is costing now to 
put a crew up there,
it could be done even better by remote control.   I'm a retired Navy pilot, 
retired in 1967, and at
that time pilotless aircraft were coming into being.  Right today very few 
"manned missions" can
come close to the efficiency and cost effectiveness of remotes in aircraft,

That "idiot box" flying around up there now should be filled with JUST 

Some day the country will wake up...

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....
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