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Re: iss

It's not your equipment, you have an excellent station. I hear you on UO-14 
almost every evening pass and everything sounds like it's working 
great.  Compare your packet audio level with the level you're hearing from 
the ISS.  Maybe your level isn't high enough, or maybe it too high and 
you're over deviating. How does your set up work on the local packet node?

The real problems are the default settings on the ISS TNC.  We won't see 
good ISS TNC packet thru-put until they decide to make some changes. 10 to 
45 seconds between ISS transmissions is absurd. The first thing they need 
to do right after they enter a proper callsign is change their TNC to 
full-duplex so it won't wait for the frequency to clear before it transmits 
a valid packet.

73 de KB7ADL, Happy Easter

At 08:39 PM 4/13/01 -0500, you wrote:
>i come to figure out that it must be my icom 821h that has a deviation
>problem. that is what bruninga says is the likely problem with the radios 
>can't get in. so i will just leave it in the capture mode. gave up trying 
>to get in.
>wastes too much of my time trying to be here every hour and half.
>i don't know how to fix it and i can't afford to send it off to icom to 
>have it fixed
>because i need it to do the amsat net. so will skip this exercise and just 
>and have a voice contact with them. the tnc is wired to the back of the radio
>and i would have to build new cables to make it work with an ht. but just to
>make the one contact, is too much work.
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