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Re: Ford vs Chevy Question

Gerald Payton wrote:
> No, not actually, I'm not asking to compare cars!  But, it is almost the
> same question......
> I was going to put the digital modes on the back burner, but my interest in
> digital mode has peaked with ISS firing up their TNC.
> I can recall fro days-by-gone that signal strength (sensitivity) was a
> problem with terrestrial packet.  My question - here it comes - What are the
> suggested brands of TNC are most used by you "experts" out there.

Well my two cents are , try and find an old AEA PK-900 with the 9600baud
option installed (that is what I have and 1200/9600 works great ) and if
you are lucky you can get it for a great price ( I have seen them for
$175 ) , I have never had trouble decoding either rates of packet even a
noisy signal or one with lots of twist ( telco term )  and it works
great on pactor and rtty as well .
And the nice thing about it is it can talk to  two radios at once
independently if you have the software to make it so ......

I know that AEA no longer makes these and that they are out of business
so don't email me or make a post to the list saying that , I just
thought I would give my own experiences in case Gerald doesn't want to
buy a new tnc he could find good value in the pk-900 :)


Douglas Cole   N7BFS
AMSAT#26182 , K2 # 544
Registered Linux user # 188922
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