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Ford vs Chevy Question

No, not actually, I'm not asking to compare cars!  But, it is almost the
same question......

I was going to put the digital modes on the back burner, but my interest in
digital mode has peaked with ISS firing up their TNC.

I can recall fro days-by-gone that signal strength (sensitivity) was a
problem with terrestrial packet.  My question - here it comes - What are the
suggested brands of TNC are most used by you "experts" out there.

I read one comment that his KPC-3 "heard" better than another model that he
had. I believe that this would a very real challenge with the birds.

There is the issue of 1200 & 9600 baud.  Only a few have both available in
one TNC.  How well does the MFJ 1270C or CQ work?

Also, what software programs are favored?

Sorry for the "Ford vs. Chevy" questions.  I know it often is a matter of
taste and need.

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