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Re: Re: [sarex] What am I doing wrong...?]

On Fri, 13 Apr 2001, Jon Ogden wrote:

> The biggest problem is with the D7's packet modem, IMHO.  I don't think it
> decodes packets that well if there is any noise on them.  I see packets that
> my KPC-3 decodes just fine that my D7A won't.  The KPC-3 can decode a packet
> practically at the noise floor.  The D7 won't decode some packets that are
> full scale.  It's always been a complaint of mine with the D7 and D700
> modems.  I just don't think they are all that good.

APPLES/ORANGES.  Kenwoods work excellently with SUNSAT and any other
set-up that uses discriminator audio and of course other kenwoods.
THey balanced the tones at the discriminator.  Problem is most people just
hook to speaker and Mic where there is 6 dB of PRE/DE-emphasis.

This argument is as old as packet radio.  With strong proponents on both
sides.  SUNSAT chose the balanced discriminator approach as will PCsat.

Thus they were/will be optimum for mobile/handheld operations.. So ISS
will work better with TNC's connected at the speaker/mic.  PCsat and
SUNSAT worked better with discriminator connected set-ups.  I think MIR
was inbetween?

de WB4APR, Bob

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