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Re: ISS on voice?

James and everyone who responded to my question:

Thanks.  I wondered if the ISS crew would operate, today.  It was not
scheduled, but several pass-times for several geographic areas were
suggested [I'm sorry I do not recall who originally made the suggestion].
So I would not fault the crew...I was only hoping that maybe they would be
able to respond considering the significance of the date.  Of course I
hoped to make contact, myself.

My understanding is that Susan Helms, KC7??? {call wasn't on the ARISS
page}, has been active in past missions so my hope that they would be
active.  Well they will be up there for awhile, so maybe later.

Apparently the equipment is working well for digipeating.  I brought home
the KPC-3 [from work] so I will get it going* this weekend [I have 3 days
off].  Perhaps you will see al7eb on packet.

*Note:  I have previously used the TNC with my FT-847 for local packet.
Its plug-n-play...look for me on ISS.

>From: James Nipper <jnipper@southeast.net>
>Could it be that this particular crew has little interest in Ham Radio
>in space ??
>No flames please.  I am sure they have a lot to do with their time. On
>the other hand, they simply may not be very inclined to operate Ham
>Radio from space. 
>In any event, we have a long time to look forward to possible operations
>by this or perhaps a future crew.

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