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Re: ISS on voice?

Hello Edward!

12 Apr 01 10:32, you wrote to All:

 EC> It is remotely possible that I am unable to hear ISS, but using a 9 dB
 EC> vertical with only a maximum ISS elevation of 14 degrees above the
 EC> southern horizon I would think that would be sufficient.  After all I

Just finished a 13 degree packet pass, strong signals on the vertical here.

 EC> can hear AO-10 near horizon and copied the AO-40 2m telemetry (when
 EC> it
 EC> worked) on this antenna, both at much longer range.
 EC> Anyway, curious if anyone else made voice contact?

No voice contact here.  The two passes I've seen were both packet passes.
Missed the first one altogether (too busy _watching_ ISS! :)  Tried to cobble
up something with AGWPE and the soundcard, but no go.  AGE just doesn't want to
Rx any packets on my system, might have to get a cheap TNC. :-)

I could blindly Tx, but didn't hear anything that might have been a response to
any of my packets. :-(

Goint to catch some more Z's I think, been up since 04:30, and it's now 07:15.

Tony, VK3JED

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